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MMD Philippines Launches new Philips and AOC Monitors

MMD Philippines has recently launched new AOC and Philips monitors in the Philippines.

High-performance and innovative displays

Philips’ three new monitors are HDR-certified, environment-friendly, flicker-free, boasts features that would bring the best cinematic experience as well as aid in productivity.

Philips V Line (223V7QHSB)

The V-Line are well-rounded displays that produce vivid and crisp images spread from edge-to-edge. It is built with anti-blue light technology to prevent eye strain. The monitors utilize an IPS panel for quality pictures with excellent viewing angles, as well as render accurate colors and brightness.

Philips E Line (248EQHSB, 278E9QHSB, and 328E9QJAB)

Philips’ E-Line is available in 24-, 27-, and 32-inch variants, and offers a real immersive experience with a curved panel in stunning Full HD. The VA LED displays also come with ultra-wide color technology and AMD Freesync technology to ups its versatility.

Exciting displays for any consumer

AOC brings in new monitors that feature high refresh rate, HDR-certification, AMD Freesync 2 technology, and more to help users stay ahead of the curve.

AOC G2590PX and G2790PX

Available in both 25- and 27-inch, these monitors with TN panel are framed by slim bezels. The monitors boast a 1ms response-time and 144hz refresh rate through AMD Freesync technology, which are features gamers would appreciate. The G2590PX and G2790PX are built with a height adjustment stand, which also swivels to allow better viewing at different angles.

AOC G1 series (C24G1 and C27G1)

AOC G1 is a line of curved monitors equipped with a VA panel. With a 144hz refresh rate and 1ms response time, users are in for a fluid visual experience. The monitors sport 1.5 mm ultra-narrow bezels as well as 5 mm black screen borders for a multi-monitor setup.

AOC B1 Series (22B1HS and C24B1H)

Available in both flat and curved screens, the B1 series flaunts a super slim form factor. The series available in 21.5- and 24-inch variants is packed with features such as screen+ software for various display modes, flicker free technology, and low power configuration.

The new Philips and AOC Monitors can be purchased through partner retail stores nationwide: PC Express, PC Worx, Octagon, Thinkingtools, Computerworld, ThinkPC, Vivocom, and PC Chain.