Quick Look: Lenovo Yoga Book C930

    The Yoga Book C930 is an interesting device with an e-ink surface area for a keyboard. It allows accurate scribbling with 4,096 levels of pressure sensitivity.

    Utilizing E Ink technology, it can also turn into an e-book reader at will. Its typing surface has been masterfully crafted to offer great haptic feedback and even create an illusion of sinking into the body of the keypad area, to replicate that physical keyboard feel.

    Making use of machine learning to adjust to the user’s typing behavior, the Yoga Book C930 is intuitive. It also debuts a knock-to-open feature that pops the device open as response to lightly knocking on its lid, allowing more access options. This thin and light machine will solely be running with up to an Intel Core i5 processor.

    Quick Specifications:

    • Dual-display laptop with E-Ink
    • Thinnest and lightest dual-display laptop at 4 mm and 790 g
    • AI-enabled keyboard improves typing speed and accuracy in 30 languages
    • Up to Intel Core i5 processor
    • Windows 10 operating system
    • Precision pen with 4,096 levels of pressure sensitivity, writes on both LCD and E-Ink Display
    • ‘Knock-to-open’ feature for easy access


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