Quick Look: Liebert EXS 10-20 kVA

    The American provider of communication networks and commercial management solutions Vertiv has come out with the smallest UPS in its class. With its monolothic metal body, the space-saving Liebert EXS provides a lot of power with a tiny footprint. Through its optimized integrated autonomy feature, it can house up to four battery strings, which eliminates the need for an external battery cabinet, conserving floor space. Highly efficient, this newest addition to the Liebert line doubles the power conversion up to 96.2 percent reducing energy cost. Giving maximum power for specialized facilities, the Liebert EXS delivers up to 20 kW of electricity which is 10 percent higher compared to conventional UPS with a 0.9 PF.

    Also published in GADGETS MAGAZINE July 2018

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