Pentagon Approves version of Android for Department of Defense use, iOS sadly looks on

    The US government doesn’t just allow any device to be used by personnel in sensitive jobs. It takes a special kind of device to be approved for use by Department of Defense officials, and it seems that the Pentagon has approved the use of an Android device to compliment all the BlackBerries they’ve been carrying around. DoD personnel can now use Dell made Android devices running Android version 2.2, which naturally makes the Dell Venue the smartphone of choice for the US government.

    The DoD stuck with Android primarily because of one trait: Android is open source.  “Android, developed byGoogle and other companies, is open source software meaning it can be easily configured by uses – including DOD tech whizzes who want to install security measures,” a report from Stars and Stripes said. Here’s to hoping that we see US President Obama running an Android smartphone along with his BlackBerry.

    Source: Muktware

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