PLDT launches myDSL Biz for SMEs

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    PLDT, a leading telecommunications company in the Philippines, has just launched myDSL Biz. While we may already be familiar with myDSL, which has given us subscription plans to supply our homes with internet over the years, the new myDSL Biz is made especially for SMEs (small and medium enterprises).

    SMEs are the bloodline of our country’s growing economy with an inherent goal to expand and PLDT acknowledges the fact that a basic internet connection will not suffice. Taking a business online requires a domain name, web-hosting, company email addresses, and the proper security software, all of which are provided by myDSL Biz through its Online Office Suite and Security Software Suite. The latter includes anti-virus protection, anti-spyware, firewall, web blocking, and fraud protection. When you avail of one of the myDSL Biz packages, you receive their new Wi-Fi modem and router plus the assigned amount of software licenses for the suites, and in the world of doing e-business, all of these aforementioned items are vital.

    The added features and the guaranteed speeds are what make the myDSL Biz packages ideal for SMEs and networked offices wherever they may be. It gives businesses that professional image, and because of the fast connection speeds, companies can now depend on the internet for some or most of their operations (i.e online communication tools), which will in turn reduce overall costs.

    PLDT will be offering six packages: the Small Biz Lite with an upgrade from 4mbps to 10mbps, the Small Biz Junior from 5mbps to 11mbps, the Small Biz Senior from 6mbps to 12mbps, Powerpack A from 8mbps to 13mbps, Powerpack B from 9mbps to 14mbps, and Powerpack C from 10mbps to 15mbps.

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