Power Mac Center starts offering smart home automation devices

    TechnologyPower Mac Center starts offering smart home automation devices

    Smart automation a system that allows you to control home functions through a wireless network making smartphones the universal remote control — at it’s coming to Filipino homes.

    At a media demo held recently, Power Mac Center showcased smart home devices from brands Eufy, Linksys, Belkin, Ambi Climate, and Sonos, which it will start offering in its branches. Homes can now use easy-to-install air-condition controllers, camera kits, LED bulbs, plugs, speakers, wireless chargers, WiFi systems, and even smart scales.

    Power Mac Center’s smart home automation section also wants people to look into their home safety and security. The devices are integrated with their respective mobile applications or the Control4 mobile app, which enables you to look after your house remotely. Through these, you never have to worry about being away even for a week-long out-of-town vacation with the whole family.

    “Power Mac Center aims to redefine home living in the Philippines. We are more than excited to introduce these innovative products from our globally recognized brand partners and usher in a new level of connectedness for our tech-savvy customers,” said Joey Alvarez, director, Product Management and Marketing, Power Mac Center.

    Among the products showcased at the media launch is the EufyCam Kit, a wireless surveillance camera with a two-way radio. It comes with 16GB microSD and is equipped with night-vision technology. It retails for PHP29,995.

    Ambi Climate is a smart, energy-conserving and voice-activated air-conditioner controller. It can “learn” from user habits and adjusts according to your previous preference. SRP PHP 7,995

    The Sonos Play:1 Compact Wireless Speaker fits any space and can play different songs in different rooms or the same song across all the rooms. It wirelessly streams music using your music streaming of choice. Its SRP is P18,900.

    All these smart devices need an uninterrupted connection. Linksys Velop Whole Home WiFi Mesh Systems is the first Tri-Band modular Wi-Fi system that can be installed in various mesh configurations. Each node is configured during setup by the accompanying Linksys app (available for iOS and Android), which provides the industry’s simplest and most intuitive setup leveraging Bluetooth to securely communicate between the mobile device and each node.

    These and more smart home device brands are available at select Power Mac Center branches.

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