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Epson introduces industrial robots at Manufacturing Technology World Manila 2019


Epson debuts the N2, T-series, and LS3 industrial robots in the country at the Manufacturing Technology World Manila 2019.

Featuring a patented compact folding arm technology,  the N2 robots are 6-axis robots that adopt the movement of human arm from shoulder to fingers. This brings more motion for accomplishing complex and high precision tasks. Designed for confined workspaces and smaller payloads, it reduces the number of intermediate points and shortens cycle times.

The N2 series of robots comes with Epson’s Residual Vibration Technology, a motion control feedback system that reduces vibration, enabling high performance for outstanding speed, precision, acceleration, and deceleration rates. The industrial robots are also equipped with Epson Vision Guide software, an advanced machine vision and image processing system that provides an interface for developing robot vision applications. These robots are has a maximum reach of 450 mm with a 2.5kg payload and can be used across the manufacturing industry including precise assembly of electronic components in consumer and medical products.

Manufacturers have been reluctant to automate material handling tasks that add little value because of the expense and trouble involved in building production lines. To address these concerns and bring down this barrier, Epson launches the affordable and easy to install T-series robots. Perfect for automating simple tasks, these robots let users save space and offer less maintenance work which minimizes downtime. It comes with a built-in controller and batteryless motors which makes it environmental-friendly. The T-series of robots can be used for automation of loading and unloading test machines and other simple processes that relied on people.

Lastly, the LS3 robots provide high performance at an affordable cost. Engineered for maximum
usability and a low total cost of ownership (TCO), the entry-level 6-axis LS3 robots can
handle a maximum payload of 3kg with an arm length of 400mm.

Among the many possible uses for this robot include mechanical or electrical assembly, pick and place, kitting and dispensing, among others.

“Many manufacturers including SMEs are reluctant to embark on the automation journey as they are concerned on the effort and investment required to build production lines. Our
precision robots bring fast and easy integration to factories and small plants with minimal
design change to the current line layout, while dramatically enhancing productivity. The T-
series are easy to install and affordable for businesses,” said Ng Ngee Khiang, regional
director for Visual Products &a Robotics Solutions, Epson Singapore.

Visit Epson’s booth G01 at the Manufacturing Technology World Manila 2019 until October 12, 2019.