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Fuji Xerox Philippines Helps Businesses Work Smarter With ApeosPort-VII C

The trusted provider for document machines and office solutions, Fuji Xerox Philippines Inc., has launched 14 new models of its  cutting-edge multi-functional printers that aims to increase work productivity. Building a secured yet collaborative environment, the latest ApeosPort VII-C/ DocuCentre VII-C series improve workflow and efficiency of businesses. The said office printers come in 7 speed ranges to match their customers’ enterprise needs.

President of Fuji Xerox Philippines Inc. Hideaki Kato said: “We believe that our customers here in the Philippines will encounter a different awareness and appreciation on the function on our machines. We would like to introduce a number of fully-developed concepts  integrated in our latest digital printer such as its interactive user interface, proactive and predictive printer management, 360 degrees data security, and connect-on-demand function.”

The ApeosPort VII-C/DocuCentre VII-C series offer numerous key features that cultivates productivity. These include the integration of 10.1-inch touchscreen panel for displaying controls and announcements, soft and silent retraction mechanism for paper trays, non-standard size scanning, banner printing (12.5-inch x 47 inch), wireless photo printing, seamless mobility through its standalone app, smart scanning, usage of IC card for secured authentication and access to data, log monitoring, duplication control, usage restrictions, data encryption, and efficient streamlining of scanned documents on an in-house network folder and on the Cloud Service Hub. It also allows users to access their respective cloud accounts and upload files from printer through the said downloadable software, guest printing, and machine-based translation for documents written on other foreign languages. Fuji Xerox also has also a cloud document management service called Working Folder that makes the exchange of document with external business partners convenient.

Assisting users to mitigate downtime, the brand’s proactive and predictive printer management mitigates downtime. Its Remote Device Health Check keeps track on the status of each devices linked to the printer remotely, and is based on the consumer’s  machine usage behavior. Through this feature, the users are notified with alerts, usage data, and other key operating information that will be useful for improving the performance and effectiveness of the printer.

Kato-san demonstrates its intuitive user interface and connect-on-demand feature
It also supports 12.5 x 47 banner printing

Kato-san also shared their trade-in programs available for customers who currently own Fuji-Xerox previous printer models, and even brands from their competitors.

The ApeosPort VII-C/DocuCentre VII-C series is now available in the market. Its entry-level model costs above PHP 300,000 while its high-end model is approximately PHP 930,000.