Keep the little ones occupied with Print and Play ideas from HP

    Thinking of what else you can do at home with your little ones? 

    It’s time to try flexing some creative muscle with your little ones while doing something new!

    Keep them entertained with new curated Print & Play activities from HP. Suitable for ages 2 to 12, kids can try out hours of craft making, mazes, dot-to-dot drawing and many other puzzles. 

    Whether you are looking for content to support your child’s home-based learning or trying to juggle work and play, you can find printable arts & crafts to create fun and engaging experiences to bond with your kids. With HP Print & Play, parents can choose from a range of activities that are best suited to their children’s needs to achieve the best possible learning outcomes. 

    Why We Print & Play – The HP New Asian Learning Experience Study

    With the need to spend more time at home, parents are on the lookout for exercises that can stimulate a child’s mind and invoke a greater love for learning.  

    HP’s New Asian Learning Experience Study identifies millennial parents’ attitudes towards learning and how their personalities impact the way their children learn. Our study shows that while print and digital each have their own strengths, a combination of digital and print was most beneficial in helping children stay focused and engaged while they learn.

    Parents in the Philippines said that printed materials were better used for activities related to art (61%), math (60%), and memorization (50%), whereas electronic materials better facilitated learning in music or auditory skills (60%). 

    HP Print & Play was created from a need to help parents bridge the gap between education in school and learning at home by supplementing their child’s learning while making playtime at home more engaging. 

    Parents can refer to the study findings to understand how to best use different formats to facilitate positive learning outcomes without taking the joy out of learning.

    For 2 to 4 Years Old : ANIMAL FUN—learn through play with cute animal buddies!

    Find the Bunny’s Way

    Level: Easy
    Estimated Time: 10 Minutes

    Help! The little bunny is trapped! Tag team with your little one to save the poor rabbit and help him find his way through the maze – start from where the red arrow is pointing and exit through the green arrow.

    Pro tip: after drawing the correct path, color the different pathways to make it into a funky piece of artwork!

    Connect to see the Cow 

    Level: Easy
    Estimated Time: 15 Minutes

    Little cow can’t find his spots! Can you help him? Get your child to finish the drawing while following the numbers with the dots. Complete the picture by getting them to colour it in. 

    Build a Bird

    Level: Medium
    Estimated Time: 15 Minutes

    What is that you spot with your little eye, flying in the sky?

    Try out some craft fun with your little one by getting them to make their own bird in three simple steps! 

    Pro tip: create more animals with the other paper craft activities to build your own animal farm.

    For 4 to 8 Years Old: FRUIT FUN—learn through play with these fruity challenges!

    Solve the Pear Puzzle

    Level: Easy
    Estimated Time: 15 Minutes

    It’s sweet and yellow with a nice crunch in every bite. Can you guess what I see? I see a pear! 

    Challenge your child to piece together the fruit with this puzzle.  

    Put the Fruits Correctly

    Level: Medium
    Estimated Time: 20 Minutes

    Are you a professional packer? Sort the fruits into the right boxes! Work with your child to help put the fruits in the right boxes through the maze. 

    Pro tip: End off with colouring the different pathways to create a new artwork! 

    Connect to see the Crab

    Level: Difficult 
    Estimated Time: 30 Minutes

    Oh no! The poor crab is missing its pincers! Connect all the dots to draw all its missing parts.

    As an added activity, have your child colour the crab to create a special artwork that you can put on your fridge!

    Pro tip: Join your child in a “race” to see who completes the activity first. Give it a go for lesser time if you want to train up their speed.

    For 8 to 12 Years Old: CULTURAL FUN—learn through play with different cultures!

    Find the Elephant

    Level: Difficult
    Estimated Time: 30 Minutes

    It’s massive animal with a long trunk! Some of them grow very large tusks made with ivory. Can you guess what animal I see? It’s an elephant!

    Find the elephant with this puzzle

    Creating a Seventh Wonder of the World 

    Level: Difficult 
    Estimated Time: 40 Minutes

    Have you always wanted to explore the world and visit the seven wonders of the world? Take craft making to another level by having your little one build their very own miniature Taj Mahal! 

    Pro tip: aside from doing the craft, take the time to share some knowledge about India and the iconic site.

    Color the Map 

    Level: Difficult 
    Estimated Time: 40 Minutes

    Mr Koala bear is cute, furry and always sleeping.

    What else do you know about him? Do you know where he lives? Get your child to colour the map of Australia based on their own interpretation.

    Pro tip: use this time to teach about the different colouring techniques such as gradient colouring, or using watercolours aside from just coloured pencils

    Your Learning Buddy At Home

    HP Ink Advantage

    Small yet mighty, the HP Ink Advantage is designed to fit your child’s study desk. Aside from its wireless printing capabilities, this compact printer allows you and your child to easily handle most scan jobs, from plain paper to photos with HP Scroll Scan. 

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