Quick Look: RED Hydrogen One

    With the overcrowding of the smartphone market, it is a rare thing to get excited about a phone like we used to five years ago. The Red Digital Cinema Camera Company (RED), the Rogue Squadron if you will of camera manufacturers, announced that it is venturing into mobile devices starting with the Hydrogen One: “the world’s first holographic media machine.” Yes. This thing will be able to display 2D, RED Hydrogen 4-View (H4V), stereo 3D, 2D/3D VR, AR and MR. Its 5.7-inch holo display uses nanotechnology to smoothly transition from one type of content to the other. Accompanying this visual experience is RED’s proprietary H30 algorithm which converts traditional stereo to multi-dimensional audio. Just to take it to another level higher than the one it already is on, RED promises that it will release attachments which will allow the phone to shoot high quality stills and video as well as your very own holographic images. Insane.

    The Hydrogen One is available for pre-order in two variants: the Aluminum and the Titanium. The former will cost you USD 1,159 (about PHP 58,000) while the latter will set you back USD 1,595 (roughly PHP 80,000). Take note that these are pre-order prices and will increase once this phone hits market. It’s the price to pay for the future of media and communication.

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