Bida moments: Why Redmi A1 is the ideal student phone

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    Redmi A1 is the newest entry-level phone from Xiaomi. It is a powerful and practical phone that is ideal for the daily tasks of high school students. With its handy specs and features, #KayangBumida in any situation.  

    From doing well at tests to performing at school events, young high schoolers love sharing their so-called  Bida moments. This is why they need a reliable phone that can help them with academics, document memories, and also be able to entertain themselves on weekends.

    Here’s how high school students can use the Redmi A1:

    Online class ready

    While many high school students are already going back to face-to-face classes, some are still taking online classes at home. So, it is important to have a phone that supports WiFi and 4G LTE and has a spacious screen to see class notes. The Redmi A1 has a 6.52” HD+ Dot Drop display, which is big enough to read slides during and after class. This also makes reviewing much easier to help students ace their quizzes and exams.

    Adding flair to video projects

    High school students need to show off their Bida side when creating creative video projects for school. Whether it’s performing a dance activity for PE class or doing a mini-documentary for Hekasi class, the Redmi A1’s 8MP dual camera and 5MP front camera can help them shoot clear videos. They can also add flair to them with the phone’s time-lapse mode.

    Capture memories worth keeping

    Whether it’s hanging out at the mall or during special school events, highschoolers will always pull out their phones to take photos and even shoot TikTok videos with friends. They can capture all the best memories with the 8MP dual camera and 5MP front camera. They can also use Portrait Mode to make photos look clearer and sharper when uploaded on social media to rake in a lot of “heart” reactions.

    Bida sa social media and gaming

    Of course, when they’re not doing assignments, high school students are endlessly scrolling on social media and playing mobile games. Having a big HD+ display is key to seeing the text clearly and playing games without straining their eyes. It also helps to have a lightweight phone that is easy to hold and carry around. Luckily, the Redmi A1 only weighs 194 grams and can fit most pockets.

    Students can get a lot of things done and more with the Redmi A1. Parents don’t need to worry about the price point as it only retails for PHP4,499.

    #KayangBumida ang Gen Zs in school and in life with Redmi A1. For more details, visit Xiaomi’s official website.

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