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AMD releases frame pacing support for DX12 games

AMD has rolled out new DirectX 12 optimizations, including frame pacing support for multi-graphics card systems, in order to deliver smoother and better performance across game titles.

Multi-GPU CrossFire setups normally see the graphics cards alternating frame rendering duties, such that in a scenario, the first card renders the first frame, the second card renders the second frame, the first card renders the third frame, and so on. However, resource-intensive frames take a lot longer to produce, thereby messing up the timing. This leads to in-game problems like frame skipping, bouncing, and stuttering.

Scott Wasson, senior manager for product marketing at AMD Radeon Technologies Group, explains frame pacing as “a software algorithm that corrects these timing problems. It makes sure that frames from the two GPUs are spaced apart in regular intervals so that a consistent stream of new images reaches the display. In other words, frame pacing works as a sort of traffic regulator, making sure that images flow in coordinated fashion.”

Titles that take advantage of DX12 frame pacing include Total War: Warhammer and Rise of the Tomb Raider.

You can learn more about mGPU frame pacing on the AMD blog or you can check out their explanation video here.