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APPS: Back-to-School Apps

You could fall under any of the high school stereotypes–the Brain, Princess, Athlete, Rebel, or Basket Case–but let’s face it; even if you’re not the brainy type, you still need to get through school, appease your professors, and do your homewoek. Don’t fret because we’ve got you covered. Here is a compilation of free apps to help you in school.

Evernote FREE (Android, iOS, Windows Phone 8)

evernoteEvernote is a note-taking app perfect for the unorganized. It let’s you save notes, take photos, create to-do lists, and even record voice memos-all of which you can tag so you can easily find them for future reference. It even recognizes index text in photos making it a useful tool for when you take snapshots of notes from the classroom board, or textbook. It syncs to all your devices so you can check your notes wherever you are.

myHomework FREE (Androd, iOS, Windows Phone 8)

myhomeworkThis app is for the student whose homework always gets eaten by the dog. myHomework lets you track your class schedule, tests, and assignments and organize them by priority or type. It even reminds you when things are due, so you never have to forget schoolwork again.

Dropbox FREE (Android, iOS, Windows Phone 8)


This powerful cloud storage lets you access your files wherever you are. You can upload your homework to your desktop and still access that file on your mobile device. It’s perfect for saving those projects you don’t want to forget at home. It also saves you the time of having to copy your files in different devices. As a plus, Dropbox adds more storage space as you sync new devices.

Wunderlist FREE (Android, iOS)

Never underestimate the power of a todo list. Wunderlist is your basic app for organizing your tasks. It lets you create and manage to-dos, add subtasks, and notes. You can also opt for notifications and reminders so you can track your progress and not miss important deadlines.

Formulus Free FREE (iOS)

Get a chance to beat the class bra iniac in Math with this app. Formulus Free compiles formulas for your Calculus subjects like Algebra, Geometry, and Trigonometry. You no longer have to search through your notebook full of scribbles to find the equations you need for Calculus. Get ready for this app might just help you become the new math whiz.

Simple Pomodoro Timer FREE (Android, iOS)


It’s tough focusing on a task, and schoolwork can wear you out. Don’t worry because you can become more productive through The Pomodoro Technique. This simply means working for 25 minutes, taking a five-minute break after, and then continue working again for 25 minutes. These five-minute breaks are called “pomodoros’~ and you get to have longer breaks after your first four breaks. The Simple Promodoro Timer is the app to download for those who are starting out with this work technique.