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iflix Introduces Channels and Personalization Features

 An all new personalized iflix experience

iflix has recently updated its app featuring an all new revamped and improved interface and additional features.

The upgrade represents the latest evolution to iflix’s world class service with an all new focus on individual customer experience. New Channels, Add, and Follow features enable significantly deeper personalised experiences and intuitive ways of discovering new content, with additional improvements to speed and performance.

Channels combines the best of traditional pay television with benefits of on-demand services. Working with traditional studios and channel providers, iflix has created on-demand ‘channels’ for users to enjoy on their terms, showcasing many of the world’s best and most exciting entertainment studios and brands along with users’ favourite content genres in a dynamic, engaging and easy to navigate channel interface, available for the first time in a digital non-linear service.

With new personalised onboarding, users can now select their favourite Channels and receive recommendations optimised with their preferences and viewing history, as well as ADD TV shows, movies and Channels to their iflix homepage.

iflix’s proprietary personalisation engine is based on internally designed algorithms taking into account local cultural nuances in each market and tested rigorously over a 6-month period. The result is a completely personalised, unique user experience for each individual user, that further allows them to surface more content inline with their interests from iflix’s vast library of thousands of international, local and regional TV shows, movies and more.

All new Follow function will additionally enable users to follow playlists curated by hundreds of their favourite People – popular influencers and celebrities, to discover new shows whilst voyeuristically keeping up with what their People have liked, watched or are currently watching.


Since going live in May 2015, iflix rapidly established a clear leadership position in emerging markets, setting a new standard for delivering a world-class streaming entertainment service, passionately focused on local customer experiences. Over the last 12 months, the service has seen extraordinary growth across all segments of the business.