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Our favorite Android keyboard, Swiftkey, is now free!


Swiftkey, our hands-down favorite on-screen keyboard for Android smartphones, has now gone free on the Play store! The keyboard, which offers scary-accurate word prediction and typing correction, has chosen to leave the paid app revenue scheme behind in order to better reach their consumers. They will, however, offer in-app purchases for themes and additional odds and ends to entice current and existing Swiftkey users to hand over their cash. It’s a great deal all around, though, as you get full functionality, with additional language packs, swiping, and all the other Swiftkey goodies, without getting charged a single buck!

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Those who have purchase the app have no reason to feel bad. The convenience alone is reason enough to rejoice, but in addition to that, Swiftkey has chosen to give existing paid users a free theme pack worth more than the price you paid for the app in the first place. If you don’t use Swiftkey yet, you really should give it a try, and now you have no excuse not to! head over to the play store and download it. You can thank us later.