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RaincheckPH: An app that helps you prepare for oncoming rain

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As a way to help Filipinos become more prepared for rain-induced disasters and other calamities, Voyager, a subsidiary of Smart Communications, Inc., recently introduced a free Android app called RaincheckPH.

According to Voyager’s Chief Operating Officer Benjie Fernandez, RaincheckPH helps Filipinos develop a culture of preparedness for any type of natural calamity by making its users aware of oncoming rain within their vicinity.

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Covering nearly 70 cities around the country, RaincheckPH alerts users through pop-up notifications when the probability of rain in their current location reaches 50% within the next four hours. Users can also get real-time data on temperature, weather conditions, the amount of rain, wind speeds and a full four-day forecast.

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Voyager claims that the app can predict the probability of rain down to city level within a four-hour period with 95% accuracy. The data that the app uses comes from the Department of Science and Technology’s (DOST) Project NOAH (Nationwide Operational Assessment of Hazards).

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A social media sharing feature has also been built into RaincheckPH to enable users to post weather updates on their Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Voyager claims that it is working on a crowdsourcing facility within the app where users can report flooded roads and other disaster situations within their respective areas.