A faster Samsung Galaxy S4 is coming


    Planning to buy the current S4? Well, read this first.

    Samsung CEO J.K. Shin revealed that a faster model of Samsung Galaxy S4 will be available later this month in South Korea.

    The phones, powered by a new Qualcomm processor, use what’s being called LTE-advanced technology that will reportedly deliver data at speeds up to twice those of current 4G LTE connections.

    Some downloads could even be quicker, Samsung said. A movie that takes 3 minutes to download on the current Galaxy S4 would only take a minute on the new phone.

    Samsung is currently in talks with network providers in other countries, but nothing else was specified. Shin added that the new model would be “slightly more expensive” than the current S4.

    What do you think? Still thinking of buying the current S4?

    Article courtesy of CNN.

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