Accenture Intelligent Operations Trailer: Demystifying AI and Robotics

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the new buzz-phrase in the consumer market, what with its widespread integration in smartphone cameras of today. It is still, however, an alien concept to a lot of people and even alarming for some. Accenture intends to remove the stigma associated with AI and robotics, and make people aware of its many advantages instead.

    The leading global professional services company has, in recent years, taken a fundamental shift; heavily investing in the automation of its operations by employing AI and robotics to do menial, repetitive, predictable, transactional (MRPT) jobs. This might mean the end for human workers, but the company has also poured resources into upskilling their employees, giving them higher-value jobs and creating better job opportunities.

    “Intelligent Operations” as Accenture puts it, is the combination of applied intelligence, analytics, AI, and automation to drive business outcomes, processed by their systems, and managed by people. In this process, AI and robots are assigned MRPT jobs which these technologies are capable of doing 24/7 without errors, while humans supervise and take on intellectually stimulating projects, increasing efficiency and allowing human ingenuity to thrive.

    Accenture wants the public in on this revolution as well. The company has launched its Intelligent Operations Trailer which will go around Metro Manila’s major business districts. What’s inside the trailer is a peek at Accenture’s Intelligent Operations.

    Installed in the interiors are displays with intelligent software programs created by Accenture employees, all of which the visiting public are free to interact with. The first is a robotic process automation that visitors can challenge. It is capable of interfacing with systems, multitasking, running round the clock, and processing of up to four invoices in 60 seconds. Also showcased in the trailer is the AI-boosted program, Chat Chameleon. This tech support program currently can translate 40 languages in real time. This, in use, centralizes support, and through machine learning, provides more accurate translations over time. The Mood Meter, meanwhile, is an application that can be used in intelligent marketing. Its built-in sentiments analyzer can tell if statements pooled from social media platforms are positive, negative or neutral. Accenture shares that this algorithm was tested using 1.6 million, genuine online feedback, which when utilized, can help brands easily determine what campaigns, products, techniques, etc. best works for them.

    Accenture underlines that though technological advancements are extensively employed in its operations, it’s still the talented, skilled, and intelligent people at its core responsible in the realization of these aspirations.

    Also published in GADGETS MAGAZINE August 2018 Issue.

    Words by Mia Carisse Barrientos

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