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AMD R9 GPUs to ship with Oculus-ready PCs

AMD has struck up partnerships with Oculus and Dell to have its Radeon graphics cards aboard Oculus-ready PCs at a starting price of USD 999. The PCs will be taking advantage of AMD’s LiquidVR and Graphics Core Next architecture to deliver a seamless virtual reality experience.

“It’s an exciting time to be at the heart of all things virtual reality,” said Roy Taylor, corporate vice president for alliances and content at AMD. “I’m confident that with Dell and Alienware, we can enable a wide audience of PC users with extraordinary VR capabilities powered by AMD Radeon GPUs.”

AMD LiquidVR allows for low-latency performance and plug-and-play compatibility with VR headsets for a comfortable time in virtual space.

“For nearly 20 years, Alienware has been a leader in performance and innovation for PC gaming; virtual reality is the next frontier and we plan to innovate and lead in the same way, with the same passion,” said Frank Azor, co-founder and general manager for Alienware. “Partnering with the performance of AMD graphics and the innovation of Oculus provides an incredible opportunity for Alienware to deliver something awesome for our users.”

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