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    Your current monitor probably needs to be plugged in to a device to operate, but imagine one that has an ARM CPU and that can also run the Android OS. Currently, the Android OS is featured mostly on smartphones and a small number of tablet devices. With people moving away from traditional desktop devices and taking their gadgets on the road, Android could jolt some life into the struggling monitor market.

    WitsView, a Taiwanese analyst firm, also confirms this, saying that smartphones and tablets have caused consumers to sink their money into such devices and away from traditional monitors, which are now being pushed into niche markets as the bring your own device (BYOD) trend also makes its way into the workplace, where monitors were a staple as they were used in workstations.

    “An Android LCD monitor is a LCD monitor equipped with the ARM processor, featuring the Android operating system, and adjustable to a horizontal angle on top of the touch function and WiFi, which can be regarded as a simple version of [all-in-one computer] AIO or a large-sized tablet,” the firm said. “The user experience on an Android LCD monitor is similar to that on a tablet and can be seen as the extension of a tablet.” Currently, one of the devices that has an OS within what is practically a large monitor is the Sony Tap 20.

    The firm also said the Android monitor’s main competitors would be all-in-one PCs, which currently cost US$600 minimum. They also said an Android OS monitor would sell for US$400, which would undercut said all-in-one PCs. Although they said they would release an Android monitor for the European market back at Mobile World Congress, there has been no news on who would make it (although an Acer branded Android monitor concept is featured above) or when it would be released.

    Source: The Register

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