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Apple buys Beats, but why?

Beats by Apple, coming soon
Beats by Apple, coming soon
Beats by Apple, coming soon

Apple has closed a multi-Billion-dollar deal making them the owner of audio equipment manufacturer Beats. This may not seem like such a surprise, as the iPhone has always been a capable music player, and Beats does make headphones. The thing is, if Apple really wanted, it is entirely likely they could put together a better, more affordable set of cans for their devices, if they so chose.

Many theories are coming up regarding the news, but the most interesting might be related to Apple’s move towards wearable technology. The gist of this theory is that they quite likely have the hardware available, but in a world currently populated with smart watches, smart glasses and other smart wearables, they could be looking for that little edge to put them ahead.

Say what you want about them, but Beats is a very popular brand. It’s an aspirational product for many, and including that name in what is essentially an accessory to the iPhone might be enough to give them that little sales boost they are looking for. It’s a separate device, after all, and something that might not necessarily carry the iPhone branding, so it has to stand on its own.

This is, of course, speculation at this point, but it seems pretty solid. We’ll have to watch this a little closer as things develop, but if it does go that way, it’ll be interesting to see how the device performs in the market, and what will happen to Beats in the future.