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Canon retires the EOS 5D Mark II

While we are still amidst the craze about the EOS 5D Mark III that was released early this year, Canon has decided to put its predecessor to rest. The revolutionary Canon EOS 5D Mark II now joins several others in Canon’s long list of discontinued products.

Shortly after its late 2008 release, the camera instantly shook the market as it was Canon’s first EOS DSLR to have a video recording feature. Although Nikon’s D90 was able to come up with that feature first, many filmmakers recognized the power and capabilities of the Mark II for professional use. It was used in filming scenes in several movies and TV shows, such as House and Hawaii Five-0.

In the past few years, the Canon EOS 5D Mark II has also garnered several awards from international photography organizations and tech magazines.

The Mark III and the 6D may be rampaging the market, but fans of this old timer will never forget the legacy it left behind in the world of photography and cinema.

Images from Canon Rumors, PetaPixel, and Engadget