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Casio opens G-Factory Premium Store in Greenbelt 5

Electronics manufacturer Casio Computer Co., Ltd. has opened the country’s first—and only the world’s second—G-Factory Premium store in the second floor of Greenbelt 5, Makati City. The new shop will house the brand’s different watch lines including the G-Shock Gravity Master, Gulf Master, Mud Master, MRG, and MTG; Baby-G; Oceanus; and Edifice.

“With these latest lines of watches, Casio was out to develop timepieces that are virtually indestructible without sacrificing aesthetics and style,” said Kikuo Ibe, the founding father of Casio’s G-Shock.

Two of the high-end models—the MRG-G1000 and the MTG-G1000D—boast of automatic timekeeping systems, the former being hybrid solar-powered and the latter being equipped with a GPS Hybrid Wave Ceptor.

Meanwhile, the Gulf Master GWN-1000, Gravity Master GPW-1000T, and Mud Master GWG-1000 are all built to last against nature thanks to their extremely tough yet lightweight and comfortable builds.

Lastly, the analog Edifice EQB-510 and ECB-500 allows the wearers to easily check the time of more than 300 cities worldwide across 40 time zones; and the Oceanus OCW-61000 sports Sallaz-polished dual-curved sapphire glass with an anti-reflective coating on both sides for high visibility

“Anchored on our heritage of quality and reliability, these latest additions to the G-SHOCK line offer our customers more options to decide how a timepiece can best complement their lifestyle and what kind of statement they want to make,” ends Atsushi Yamaoka, general manager of timepiece department, overseas marketing and sales division, Casio Computer Co., Ltd.