Continent 8 partners with IPC for World-class Cybersecurity

    Global network provider, Continent 8 recently partnered with IP Converge Data Services Inc.(IPC) for world-class Cybersecurity solutions for the country. The partnership sees a stronger network with more barriers against Distributed Denial of Service Attacks (DDoS).

    With the global spike of revenue loss due to cyber attacks, Juniper Research estimates a global cost of up to 2.1 trillion dollars in cybercrime damages in the year 2019. The striking number is due in part to the rapid adoption of digital infrastructures in consumer and business transactions. In today’s digital infrastructure threats, many are classified as DDoS attacks, or attacks that deny services or renders company websites and servers as inaccessible through a flooding of malicious traffic. Fueled by malicious intent of revenge, extortion, competition and politics, the attacks often do not discriminate targets; banks, financial institutions, software-as-service- providers, and gaming sites are among those who are victimized. .

    To prevent further damage, IPC and Continent 8 Technologies have agreed to partner in the creation of new technologies and stronger networks for better DDoS prevention.
    “With Continent 8’s industry-leading services spanning the globe, and IPC’s local market coverage and expertise in cloud, data center, and DDoS mitigation services, this partnership will offer Philippine enterprises highly sophisticated yet easy to deploy security solutions with truly localized support,” saidI IPC chief operating officer, David R. de Leon.

    IPC has been fighting DDoS attacks since the year 2007, and has been offering protection ever since. Now adding Continent 8 Technologies to its list of partnered DDoS Mitigation service providers, IPC hopes to strengthen its scrubbing center, the country’s first and only locally-hosted one. Proven to be highly reliable, Continent 8 Technologies’ span of global network expands to Europe, North America, and Asia with its scrubbing centers located in Hong Kong, Los Angeles, New York and London. The global network provider is backed by an MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching) infrastructure that offers clients the ability to connect to sites and services with varying bandwidth assignments for a scalable, secure and reliable IP Virtual Private Network. Clean traffic goes through direct lines instead of encapsulated connection in MPLS applied DDoS mitigation. The result are faster and more secure connections.

    “With the intensifying threats enterprises face today, there is a pressing need to put in place more steadfast and technologically diverse defense mechanisms. IPC urges companies to take an aggressive stance by employing the latest cybersecurity technologies. On our part, we are continuously enhancing our security portfolio to cater to the evolving requirements of the enterprise,” said de Leon.

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