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Ducati Diavel Day celebration at Café France Libis

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Ducati Diavel riders and enthusiasts banded together during the Ducati Diavel Day to celebrate their common adoration for the nameplate. Ducati Desmo Owners Club Philippines (DDOCP) members and associated motorbike groups flocked to Café France in Libis, Quezon City to discuss their upcoming event and activities, before riding together on a motorcade around the Katipunan area.

“This is the first time we’re holding the Ducati Diavel Day and we hope that this becomes an annual tradition, just like the Ducati Monster Day,” said Tyrone Reyes of Guns Motorcycle Club. “The event is all about the Diavel owners creating an inner group under the Ducati family, so we could start rides, fundraisers, motorcades, and other events in the future.”

Sleek, minimalist, and a definite head-turner on the road, the Ducati Diavel is a favorite among Ducati enthusiasts. “If you want long rides, if you want a cruiser bike, the Ducati Diavel is the one for you,” shared Reyes. “It’s a great muscle bike that gives you power.”

Ducati Philippines Marketing Manager Ralph Reyes expressed “We’re very glad that the Ducati Diavel owners have initiated this event, as we have seen how they have developed a real friendship and a sense of camaraderie because of their common love for the Diavel.”image003

Café France Executive Vice President Raymond Yap was among the aficionados who planned the Ducati Diavel Day. The young businessman showed his support for the club by offering to hold the event at the Café France branch in Libis. “It’s my own way of showing how glad I am that our collective interests have become a way for us to form great friendships and a sense of brotherhood,” he said. “And for other riders on the road, they can always make a pitstop at Café France to refuel and get their fill of our delicious, satisfying meals.”