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Ergohome opens SM Aura showroom; launches Snowsound Acoustic Panel by CAIMI

The country’s leading distributor and manufacturer of ergonomic furniture, Ergo Contracts Philippines, Inc., has just opened its newest ErgoHome showroom located at the third level of SM Aura Premier, BGC, where workers and dwellers in the south can freely visit to see that a small space isn’t much of a limitation.

The basic concept behind ErgoHome products are comfort, aesthetics, and efficiency. ErgoHome claims that with its furnishing solutions, a small studio unit can be expanded by at least twice its size. The company creates ready-made and custom-build pieces for the living room, kitchen, bedroom, and even offices.


These space-saving solutions range from Murphy beds, ergonomic shelving units, collapsible/expandable tables, modular sofas, Tatami-inspired flooring with storage underneath, to office chairs. With these versatile installations, you can single-handedly arrange your home depending on how you need it and want it to appear. You can choose to easily roll your whole kitchen in to a cabinet when your friend’s are coming over, or turn your living room into a bedroom by simply pulling your bed down at night.


With 30 years of expertise under its belt, ErgoHome is committed to deliver total customer satisfaction. Its units are made with some of the finest materials currently available in the market and shaped accordingly to today’s urban dwellers taste.

Once you’re decided, ErgoHome’s pool of talented builders and designers will gladly help you out with the layout and right pieces to go into your space. Upon agreement, it would take just about a month to fully furnish the condo unit. After the unit turn over, your ergonomic space will be ready to welcome guests.

Snowsound by Caimi

Just recently, Ergo has entered a partnership with Caimi Brevetti, one of the leading manufacturers in design oriented furniture, accessories for office, and contract furniture. Alongside the opening of ErgoHome’s newest showroom, Ergo together with Caimi Brevetti launched Snowsound.

4Franco Caimi, member of the board, Caimi Brevetti S.p.A.

As working in a noise-polluted environment reduces productivity and can be often stressful, Snowsound by Caimi Brevetti was created. These acoustic panels are built with patented sound-absorbing technology, designed to selectively absorb noise at various frequencies. With several of these panels mounted onto walls or free-standing, rooms are freed of distracting noises. As these panels absorb sound in a balanced way, there’s also an increase in sound definition, which makes perfect for recording studios.

Apart from its superb sound absorbing performance, you can also trust the aesthetics, design, and ease of use of Snowsound acoustic panels.  Surfaces are covered with fire retardant polyester bonded to the inner wadding, forming a single body without breaks. These panels are 1.4 inches thin, less than 6 pounds in weight, easy to clean, and inexpensive.

There are also varieties of Snowsound panels that come out like pieces of art. They come in unconventional shapes and colors and are signed by well-known designers: Mitesco by Michele De Lucchi, Corista by Lorenzo Palmeri, and Flap by Alberto and Francesco Meda. Corista panels (62 inches x 17 inches) are free standing, with an optional base; Mitesco panels (62 inches x 17 inches) are free standing, hanging or wall mounted; Flap panels (23 inches x 19 inches) are smaller or ceiling mounted, can tilt and rotate 360 degrees.

For more information about Snowsound Acoustic Panels and ErgoHome products, contact Ergo Office sales representative at 810-8888.  Like them on Facebook, www.facebook.com/ErgoContracts and www.facebook/ErgoHomePhilippines, or visit http://www.ergo.com.ph and http://www.ergohome.com.ph.