Facebook Launches Oculus Go VR Headset

    The social media company, Facebook,  is excited to announce that Oculus Go, the company’s first standalone headset, is now available at in 23 countries. Starting at $199, Oculus Go is the most affordable way to get into VR. The comfortable, lightweight device is launching with 1,000+ apps, games, and experiences.

    VR has the ability to let see things from new angles, expand horizons, and improve understanding of the world around us. From new social apps that let you attend live events and offers the best seat in the house to more intimate experiences that explore pressing social issues, Oculus Go will change the way you watch, play, and hang out with friends while offering you new perspectives.

    Oculus Go was designed to provide a high-quality fit and feel. By combining the best lenses of any Oculus headset to date with built-in spatial audio and an optimized software stack, Oculus Go provides a compelling all-in-one immersive experience where content shines.

    Learn more on the Oculus blog or visit

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