Facebook Lite Now Features Safety Check

    The Safety Check feature of the social media networking site, Facebook, is now available on its another mobile app version, Facebook Lite.

    Rolling out in more than 100 countries, the said function enables people with low Internet connectivity assure and communicate their safety to their friends and loved ones in the midst of a crisis.

    Asha Sharma, Facebook’s Product Lead for Social Good said: “Our goal is to build tools that help keep people safe and make it easier to get the help you need to recover from a crisis. By making Safety Check available on Facebook Lite, even more people will be able to easily connect with friends and family to let them know that they’re safe following a crisis and check on others.”

    Communication is critical and challenging during a crisis which became the reason of Facebook in integrating it to its lighter software. Available in 55 languages, the Facebook Lite uses less data, installs fast, loads quickly and works on lower-end devices and slower network.

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