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Fuji Xerox announces Smart Work Gateway concept

Fuji Xerox Asia Pacific has debuted its Smart Work Gateway concept, an environment that aims to enhance business performance and productivity by allowing office work to be flexibly done via the cloud.

“The Smart Work Gateway was developed in response to the rapidly growing demands of our customers—demands that conventional multifunction devices alone are unable to meet,” said Masahi Honda, president and chief executive officer of Fuji Xerox Asia Pacific. “Based on this concept, Fuji Xerox underscores its role in accelerating business efficiencies. We will continue to expand the ecosystem through collaborations with more partners, enhancing the role of a multifunction device into a communications portal.”

As the ICT industry continues to expand its borders, Fuji Xerox believes that its innovations should help make the work life even simpler by giving enterprises easy access to data, whenever and wherever. With the development of the Smart Work Gateway ecosystem, businesses will be able to experience a personalized communications environment  that fits their style, needs, and goals.

The new ecosystem will be initially composed of 14 new cloud-friendly, digital color multifunction devices under the ApeosPort-VI and DocuCentre-VI C series. They are integrated with the new Cloud Service Hub, a new platform that allows them to work with various cloud services such as Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, and Dropbox. With this, users can send files, scan and save documents, and even print files straight from the cloud.

Fuji Xerox also released the Fuji Xerox Direct Management Console to help facilitate the cloud-based office. It is a free software that provides their various internet services on client PCs. It allows users to purchase, download, and install productivity apps for the multifunction devices straight from the internet in a centralized manner. IT administrators can also use the console to simultaneously configure and manage multiple multifunction devices at once.