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Is the PlayStation 4 coming on February 20th?

Sony has just released a cryptic YouTube video that’s inviting us to see the future of the PlayStation on Feb. 20. It doesn’t take a genius to see that the logo obviously teases something PlayStation related, though it’s still up in the air what exactly that will be. Sony’s Twitter account is also sheperding people to their US PlayStation site, and invites you to register to find out on the date itself.

According to to The Wall Street Journal, the company will not only unveil the next iteration of the PlayStation, but it will also make it available for purchase later on this year. The new console will also feature more social features (naturally) and will change how users interact with the console (possibly motion recognition technology?). Whatever the case, you can bet your heinie that we’ll be watching that website like a hawk come Feb. 20.

Source: Sony, Wall Street Journal