Lenovo reveals Southeast Asia plan of attack

    Lenovo has unveiled the company’s new business models and strategies for 2015 to its Philippine channel partners. This is part of its continuous shift on the entire device and connected ecosystem with increased emphasis on human-centric design, from wearables and smartphones to tablets, PCs, servers, and software, as well as cloud services.

    Lenovo will continue to increase investments to the Philippine market in its bid to become a leader in all segments. Key areas of investment include: geographical and channel expansion; relationship building with business partners; retail presence growth; company infrastructure and resources improvements; after-sales enhancements; and more innovative products to suit Filipinos even more.

    Dr. Harry Yang, vice president and general manager of Lenovo’s South East Asia operations, commented “On the business front, we see strong growth momentum in South East Asia with the Philippines being a key growth driver in the region for Lenovo. South East Asia is a mix of mature markets with an appetite for premium and cutting-edge technology, as well as fast-growing emerging markets with entry-level technology penetration, giving us the opportunity to grow market share quickly.”

    In the coming year, the company remains confident that industries such as banking, business process outsourcing, logistics, healthcare, and education will continue to flourish in the Philippines, and this gives the technology leaders an excellent opportunity to continue showcasing innovative IT solutions.

    “We remain optimistic about the outlook of the Philippine market, especially in the light of the ASEAN Economic Community integration this year. We will continue to tap on market opportunities and maintain a strong execution of our ‘Protect and Attack’ strategy to propel the Philippine market to greater heights,” concluded Michael Ngan, country general manager of Lenovo Philippines.

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