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MSI-ECS partners with SimpliVity to boost enterprise data centers with one hyperconverged IT infrastructure solution

Amid the booming economy, internet speeds in the Philippines still rank low and is far behind in comparison to other Asian countries where download speeds are skyrocketing. In a move to help solve this persistent problem, MSI-ECS Phils. Inc., the leading value-added distributor for IT solutions, has announced its partnership with SimpliVity to officially distribute the company’s ground-breaking hyperconverged infrastructure platform in the country.

“The benefits of hyperconvergence are just amazing – a game-changer in IT infrastructure.  We are confident that local companies will positively embrace this technology, especially when you highlight SimpliVity’s high impact on capital and operational expenditures,” said Jimmy Go, president and CEO, MSI-ECS.

“We’re extremely pleased to be working with one of the key distributors in the Philippines,” said Scott Morris, vice president, Asia Pacific and Japan (APJ). “As hyperconverged infrastructure continues to rapidly expand in the Philippines and Asia Pacific, partners like MSI are essential in helping SimpliVity exceed our partners’ and customers’ expectations.”

Hyperconvergence is the fastest growing segment of the convergence IT category. To understand this concept better, think of smartphones. Years before smartphones came into being, we had dedicated devices for let’s say music listening, calling, photography, and whatnot. But advances in technology paved the way for a smart device that offers you functions of various gizmos in one efficient form factor. In the same way, Hyperconvergence enable cloud-like economics and scale without compromising the performance, reliability, and availability enterprises require in their data center.


Like its name, what SimpliVity brings to the market are small, medium, to large simplified infrastructures that help drive down costs, increase operational efficiency, and offer better performance. Basically, transition to SimpliVity’s “data center in a box” takes just about three hours to be fully implemented and equals to a data center with less physical devices but deliver increased resiliency and performance. By simplifying the infrastructure, major cuts in power are expected. The overall reduction translates into huge total cost of ownership savings of 3x for small and medium enterprises as well as larger enterprise markets.

SimpliVity creates devices that help companies maximize their bandwidth. Hyperconverged infrastructures  deduplicates, compresses, and optimizes data before it is stored or moved over the network. This reduces the bandwidth required to support core backup and disaster recovery functions as well as remote office/branch office data synchronization.

Even with bandwidth restrictions, SimpliVity’s unique hyperconverged platform allows users to safely transfer data no matter the size, fast. Significantly reducing the cost of IT infrastructure by assimilating all data center functions, including servers, storage, WAN optimization, data protection, cloud gateway, and more, into a single 2U building block, SimpliVity is all about delivering exceptional outcomes.

To learn more about hyperconvergence and how SimpliVity can help your organization, contact MSI-ECS at 688-3704, email mvalenzuela@msi-ecs.com.ph, or visit www.simplivity.com.