NSS Labs Endorses Fortinet’s Newest Sandbox Solution

    Fortinet, among the leading brands in cyber-security solutions, recently released the latest results of the NSS Labs Breach Detection System (BDS) group test which evaluated the FortiSandbox 2000E at an enterprise level. The results consequently earned the FortiSandbox 2000E a much coveted NSS Labs’ ‘recommended’ rating.

    Advancing attacks prompt enterprises to upgrade their security systems for enhanced protection. In a statement,  John Maddison, Fortinet senior vice president of products and solutions said, “Cybercriminals are evolving new attack strategies at an alarming rate and creating a situation in which the time from breach to full compromise occurs in minutes. This has made it a high priority for security teams to adopt solutions for advanced detection and rapid mitigation. We’re honored to receive this latest NSS Labs Recommendation for FortiSandbox which maintains our four-year record of consistently delivering proven sandbox solutions to protect our customers. Fortinet is a strong believer in independent testing and validation that provides our customers with the critical information they need to make data-driven, validated purchase decisions.

    Sandboxing that leverages security

    Notorious malwares like WannaCry have necessitated organizations to  integrate an automated analysis tool and threat intelligence hub sandbox device in their security systems. The Fortinet 2000E’s sandboxing capability effectively siphons out exploits and detect advanced threats before they infect networks. Additionally, the appliance effectively protects SMBs and large enterprises from advanced threats by  providing high performance protection and  flexible security deployment options which cover the  network edge, the data center core, and integral segments.

    Centralized intelligence hub

    Sandbox solutions that operate as part of a larger security fabric enable a versatile sharing of threat intelligence across next-generation firewalls (NGFW), intrusion prevention systems (IPS), secure mail gateways, web application firewalls (WAF), and endpoint solutions. Designed for collaboration, Fortinet’s security solution also support intercommunication amongst third-party technology partners through their Fabric Ready Partner Program.

    NSS Lab’s  Breach Detection Systems report is designed to comprehensively test security effectiveness. As one of the industry’s most trusted and extensive tests, it aids in giving security customers performance based security recommendations.

    The FortiSandbox 2000E was able to successfully catch 100% of web and email malware; receive an impressive 99.0% overall breach detection score; and comparatively offers the lowest total cost of ownership of the tested solutions.

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