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    Organize your kitchen life with the Samsung Food ShowCase Refrigerator

    LifestyleHomeOrganize your kitchen life with the Samsung Food ShowCase Refrigerator

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    Samsung’s Food ShowCase Refrigerator is for those struggling to balance having lots of food and groceries at once, while still maintaining an organized and orderly-looking fridge. It features an innovative design unlike typical, space-wasting refrigerators that make it easier to have a lot of things at the same time and still having every produce within reach.

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    Rolando and Jackie Laucido, well-known chef couple and Samsung Digital Appliances ambassadors, testified as to how a tidy fridge can make food preparation quicker both at home and at professional restaurants.

    “When preparing dishes at our restaurant, it’s always important to have our ingredients readily available. With the high kitchen traffic, we can’t afford to waste time looking for ingredients as the viands should always be readily available for our customers.” said Chef Jac “While at home, we always aim to prepare healthy yet delicious meals for our children so it’s important for us to have a refrigerator that keeps healthy produce like vegetables fresh so we won’t have to constantly replace them.”

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    For easy access, the Food ShowCase has two space-saving layers with areas meant for storing specific items, namely: the Cooking Zone for frequently used products such as eggs, sauce bottles, and cheese; the Family Zone, used for food meant for the whole family’s consumption like drinks and fruits; and the Kids Zone, positioned low inside the Showcase for children’s snacks and beverages. Located deeper in the fridge is its InnerCase which is meant for perishable produce such as some fruits, vegetables, and meats.

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    The door also houses an Ice Master to free up space in the freezer; an Ice and Water Dispenser for filtered and chilled drinking water; and various Slide and Fold shelves for flexible accommodation of tall and bulky containers.

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    The Food ShowCase’s design team studied and took into consideration the dimensions of everyday items you’ll find in a fridge. The result is an efficient design that maximizes every inch of available space, with all the features above fitting snuggly inside the fridge.

    It’s also no slouch in terms of keeping food fresh. It’s able to retain its cold air even when its doors are open, ensuring constant temperatures throughout for preserving your food’s quality. Finally, the Food ShowCase sports Digital Inverter Technology to save on electricity, with compressor durability guaranteed by a 10-year warranty.

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    “Truly, one of the most important items you can have in your kitchen, both at home and, in our case, at work is a refrigerator that keeps your environment organized.” said Chef Lau “Which is why we are happy to have the Samsung Food ShowCase to make our kitchen life easier.”

    The Samsung Food ShowCase Refrigerator with Ice and Water Dispenser is tagged at PHP 139,900, while the basic model carries a price of PHP 129,900.  If that wasn’t good enough, Samsung’s throwing in their Smart Oven – their improvement upon the regular, “dumb” ovens.

    Smart Oven

    It comes with numerous settings for virtually any cooking style. You want to create bread? It can do that. Want to heat up a pizza? It can do that. Want healthy food? It’s Slimfy option ensures flavorful outputs without the guilt.  Heck, it can even make yogurt!

    Its “Smart” monicker doen’t mean that it has access to the internet like a mobile phone. Rather, it means that this oven can intelligently detect your food’s surface temperature, adjusting itself appropriately so you will never have dry, overcooked, and undercooked meals.

    The Smart Oven retails for PHP 13,998, but you will get it for free by purchasing a Food ShowCase Refrigerator. This promo runs until after Christmas and is available at all authorized Samsung dealers nationwide.

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