Outsmart digital evil: Kaspersky Lab’s 2015 Anti-Virus and Internet Security-Multi-Device now in PH

    Technology Apps Outsmart digital evil: Kaspersky Lab’s 2015 Anti-Virus and Internet Security-Multi-Device now in...


    We have done nothing but to reiterate this over and over again; the Internet is a dangerous place. Crimes take various forms on this massive virtual space: viruses are disguised as promo links, inappropriate content appear as ads, personal information is stolen, and money can be snipped away in an instant. These are just some of the few threats which concerns us all when using the Internet. Kaspersky knows this.

    Looking after the citizens of the web, Kaspersky Lab has just launched its newly updated security products designed at providing enhanced protection to home users’ privacy, digital identity, money, and data across various device platforms.

    Its flagship consumer products, Kaspersky Internet Security and Kaspersky Anti-Virus, now both come in beefed up 2015 versions. Also, the company has introduced the Kaspersky Internet Security – Multi-Device 2015– Kaspersky Lab’s first-ever multi-platform solution–in its line-up of security solutions.


    These software programs were developed for the protection of Windows, OS X, and Android devices from existing and new threats. The three now offer reinforced, full protection from cyber threats with the addition of these key innovations:

    • Webcam Protection – this feature helps monitor which applications attempt to connect to the webcam, warns the user of access attempts, and, if necessary, blocks webcam access.
    • System Watcher – this module analyzes all processes running on the operating system, and features new data backup functionality. Also, when the System Watcher detects a suspicious program attempting to modify a user file, it instantly creates a local backup copy of that file.
    • Wi-Fi Security Notification – this module verifies the security of Wi-Fi hotspots and alerts the user of potential threats. Users also receive tips and recommendations on how to securely configure their own home Wi-Fi network.

    In addition to these new key features, the 2015 versions of Kaspersky Lab’s consumer security portfolio also comes integrated with a number of extra enhancements:

    • Kaspersky Internet Security and Kaspersky Anti-Virus now include automatic updates & upgrades when newer versions become available.
    • Safe Money also blocks third-party applications from accessing the web browser clipboard. It also offers protection from screen-capture technology, malicious browser extensions, and other money-stealing tactics used by cyber criminals.
    • The Cost-Aware Networking feature reduces the amount of data communicated by the product via the net (for paid Wi-Fi, 3G, and LTE networks).
    • The Anti-phishing module helps the user avoid unwanted and malicious webpages, improvements were introduced into the text, image and website link analysis technology.

    ​The Kaspersky Internet Security–Multi-Device, which can be installed in up to five devices, retails for PHP 1,980 (special introductory price). The 1-user of Kaspersky Internet Security 2015 retails for PHP 990 while the 1-user Kaspersky Anti Virus 2015 is priced at PHP 760. These security software solutions are now available in all leading IT stores nationwide. A special sale is currently ongoing where specially marked KIS and KAV 2015 boxes come with extra license/s for free and is valid for one year.

    To learn more about Kaspersky Internet Security 2015, Kaspersky Anti Virus 2015 and Kaspersky Internet Security– Multi-Device 2015, please visit

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