Paper, Facebook’s new app

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    A few days before their 10th anniversary on the 4th of February, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that they will be releasing a content curation app that will have similar features like an ordinary everyday newspaper.

    Facebook Paper will give more emphasis on the content, rather than the usual social network updates, where readers can choose topics such as Sports, Tech, News, Pop Culture and many more.  These categories will appear as cards, and users can just drag and flip whatever they want to see in their feed and everything will be automatically filtered according to their preference.

    Paper is a product of the newest addition to the Facebook team called Creative Labs. Zuckerberg entrusted Mike Matas to develop the said app. Matas has accomplished a lot of remarkable projects, prior to Facebook Paper, such as designing the software for the original iPhone, the trademark thermostat interface of Nest and the interactive eBook called Our Choice by Al Gore.

    Click here to experience Facebook Paper now!

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