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Philam Life promotes life insurance education through social media


In an effort to encourage financial literacy among Filipinos, Philam Life–the country’s premier life insurance company—enlists the help of social media for the promotion of its campaign.

The campaign, touted as Life Insurance 101, seeks to help Filipinos from all walks of life have a better understanding of what life insurance is and its benefits. Life Insurance 101 is a series of informational animated clips that will debut on YouTube this month. The aim of the series is to educate Filipinos on what life insurance is all about, its value, and what to look for in your life insurance company of choice. It also seeks to address Filipinos’ misconceptions about life insurance.

“We believe that awareness and knowledge on life insurance will pave the way for the financial empowerment of Filipinos,” said Philam Life senior vice president and head of marketing Jessica Abaya. “We seek to harness the power of social media to make them appreciate life insurance products as important tools in planning their future.”

“We see this low insurance take up in the country as an opportunity to propagate the value of insurance to a greater number of Filipinos, spurring them into making wise financial decisions that will allow them to achieve financial security and prosperity,” added Abaya.

The Life Insurance 101 videos are also available on Philam Life’s Facebook page and website, and can be shared through various social media sites.

For more information about Life Insurance 101, visit www.youtube.com/PhilamLifeAIA or www.facebook.com/PhilamLifeAIA.