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PLDT HOME tops local survey as fastest, strongest broadband provider among all ISPs


According to a nationwide market study conducted by market research organization, Philippine Survey and Research Center (PSRC), PLDT HOME is the trusted choice among broadband providers with its fast and strong internet connection across the country.

The PSRC survey showed that based on the brand imagery question asked among respondents–1,200 male and female decision-makers of telecommunication services for the household, aged 18 – 60 years from ABCD homes–who were aware of the different ISP brands, PLDT HOME DSL scored the highest, besting other internet service providers when it comes to internet speed and strong connection.

It can be noted that, PLDT HOME is behind breakthrough broadband services like the Fibr that offers ultra-fast speeds up to 100mbps to residential customers and LTE for the home Ultera which offers up to 10mbps speed.

PLDT VP and Head of Home Marketing Gary Dujali said the survey results reflect PLDT’s commitment to deliver the best possible service to its subscribers. “This is the fulfillment of our promise to our subscribers – that we will give them the fastest, most reliable and strongest connection to their homes,” Dujali said.

He added that PLDT HOME is able to provide the strongest connections at home through its most extensive fiber optic network that currently spans over 88,000 kilometers which is more than four times that of the competition.