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RIM supposedly looking at splitting business in two

Ailing company RIM is supposedly looking to split its business into twain according to Reuters and The Sunday Times. The firm is supposedly looking at separating its messaging network from its handset manufacturing operations, after hiring JP Morgan and RBC Capital to look at “strategic options”. The handset division could potentially be sold to other companies or be listed as a separate company. Reuters have listed Facebook and Amazon as two potential buyers if ever it came to that. The messaging division could theoretically stand on its own feet, but not without opening up its doors to other ecosystems, most notably Windows Phone and Android (not iOS though, they already have their own messaging service through iMessage). It’s not clear what this will mean for the future of their next generation OS, BlackBerry 10, currently in development RIM currently developing its next generation OS, BlackBerry 10. We’re hoping that the new OS will invigorate the ecosytem enough that the sale wouldn’t be necessary, but that’s purely speculation at this point.

Source: Reuters