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Samsung at the CES 2015

Samsung’s revealed a few of their cards for 2015 and in case you were fast asleep during their keynote presentation, here’s a summary of what you can expect from them this year.

Samsung Portable SSD T1: a terabyte in your wallet


If you thought SSDs were already amazing with their long life, non-mechanical build, and amazing speed, then you haven’t seen the T1 from Samsung. It’s about as small as a regular business card (!) and can hold up to 1TB of data with read/write speeds of around 450 MB/s thanks to its USB 3.0 interface.

More content for the Samsung Gear VR


Powered by the Galaxy Note 4, Samsung will be adding virtual reality content to their headgear this 2015 through their Milk VR content store. Expect videos and apps from the company’s partners including Mountain Dew, Red Bull, NBA, and Skybound Entertainment (the people behind The Walking Dead) to be available in immersive glory.

4K is passé with the JS9500 SUHD series


Yep. While 4K TVs are still busy gaining market foothold, Samsung’s already gone ahead and upgraded it into “Super-UHD” territory. The 88-inch JS9500 SUHDs are equipped with an SUHD remastering engine and Samsung’s proprietary nanocrystal semiconductors for energy-efficient image outputs that the company bills as 2.5x brighter than regular TVs; 64x as capable of color expression; and with 2x as many color adjustment points. The results are deeper blacks for better contrast, and detailed pictures not only for native 4K, but also for any other source.

Samsung S9W Curved SUHD TV is functional art


Designed by fuseproject founder Yves Behar, this is a super slim SUHD TV that has all its important components on a block pedestal attached to the set’s bottom. Besides that, the block also provides audio and swivel’s the screen left and right with just a touch of the remote.

Smarter Smart TVs


Samsung claims that most of their smart TVs from 2015 onwards will sport the Tizen OS. Seen in their Galaxy Gear smartwatch, the television operating system will function as the backbone of their Smart TV Hub. This means better integration with other Samsung gadgets like the S series, Note series, and maybe even their smartwatches.

WAM 7500 and WAM 6500


Born out of Samsung’s own Audio Lab in Los Angeles, California, these omni-directional speakers project sound both horizontally and vertically using their ring radiator technology.

Chef Collection App


Cook like a pro with this app’s content made by professional chefs so that we homebodies can cook food that’s neither friend nor boiled.

Flex Duo Oven


This nifty appliance allows you to cook multiple dishes requiring different temperatures at the same time, saving you cooking time and money.

Active Wash Washing Machine


A regular top-loader in form, opening up its lid reveals a sink so you can pre-soak and pre-treat your sensitive clothes before flipping the lid up (and your clothes) into the washer. It also boasts super quick wash times of 36 minutes for a normal load.

Samsung Powerbot VR  9000


Probably the most futuristic device out of this list, this robot vacuum boasts 60x more powerful suction power than regular vacuum cleaners. It’s a couch potato’s best friend since you can use a remote to direct it at a spot that needs cleaning, or let it figure out how to clean your abode by itself. Yes, it can scan your house, create a map, and figure out the most efficient path to vacuum everything up. This here’s one sucker that doesn’t suck.


Screen grabs from SamsungTomorrow Youtube page.