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Samsung debuts digital home appliances at SEA Forum in Jakarta

Samsung’s SEA Forum in Jakarta, Indonesia also had some digital home appliances making their debuts, helping make home living much easier and more convenient. Samsung brought out the Wobble (WA16F), a new washing machine; the Top Mounted Freezer (RT38), a refrigerator; and the NaviBot CornerClean (VR107F1), a robotic vacuum cleaner.

The Wobble features Samsung’s newly developed Wobble Technology that prevents fabric damage caused by friction without compromising washing performance. The machine boasts specially-shaped fins and built-in rollers around the drum to create a multi-directional washing flow resulting in cleaner clothes. The unique structure of the Wobble pulsator also creates both left and right and upward and downward flows, creating a three-dimensional dynamic water current. The cycles are powerful enough to thoroughly clean the heaviest of stains, yet gentle enough so your fabrics are unharmed. There are other features such as an automatic lint cleaner, and a special soaking and spinning water motion that keeps out dirt and other build-up. The Wobble also has a dual cluster control panel that allows users to easily choose specific modes with the touch of a button, and a large detergent container that allows users to fill detergent for the most demanding of wash cycles. The top panel is made of scratch-free tempered glass designed to withstand repeated and heavy use.

Samsung’s Top Mounted Freezer solves the problem of having to adjust how hot or cold your fridge should be—it automatically adjusts cooling speed in response to temperature fluctuations. It chooses five speeds of RPM in response to cooling demands—for example, frequently opening the fridge door or placing a hot plate of food inside the fridge can create temperature changes, but Samsung’s Digital Inverter Compressor reacts quickly to provide cold air or to slow down to reduce unnecessary energy consumption. The MoistFresh Zone controls air circulation to maintain optimal humidity, so it is ideal if you want to keep vegetables or fruit fresh for a long time. For those unplanned power interruptions, the Coolpack option can keep the freezer going for up to eight hours in case of power outage, keeping ice cream and other frozen foods from melting. If you need something cooled quickly, the Power Cool button gets your fridge to quickly start cooling to reach the target temperature. Other features include Ice Max, which allows the fridge to hold two ice boxes, one of which is removable, so you don’t have to make a trip to the store for even more ice for those large gatherings.

The NaviBot CornerClean is a robotic vacuum cleaner that will leave your home spic and span. Its POP-OUT Brush will get those areas you can’t get with a regular vacuum cleaner. Along with doing the usual robot vacuum cleaner functions such as cleaning your home, it also uses unique brushes to provide deep corner cleaning. It senses when a corner is approached and activates its brushes for thorough cleaning. Through its powerful dual computer chips, its Visionary Mapping Plus System develops a smart map of the home so it knows where to clean, taking photos of its surroundings and arranging it into a map of the home. It can also recharge itself, making user intervention minimal. Its sensors also can detect where certain objects or hazards are, so it will be sensitive to things such as cords and other objects, such as stairwells, pets, and valuables. In case of low battery, the NaviBot will return itself to its docking station to recharge, and if it didn’t complete the job on time, it will actually go back to the last location it was in and resume cleaning once it charges. It will also turn itself off when it is lifted off the ground, and users can set the cleaning schedule to suit their own preferences.

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