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Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 and 7 hands-on

After being available in the market for roughly a month, we finally got some quality time with the 3G 10.1-inch version and both 3G and WiFi versions of the 7-inch model. Read on for our first impressions.

First off, the build quality for both devices is fantastic. The overall construction is pretty sturdy, and although made primarily out of plastic both devices had this premium feel to them when we handled them.

On the 10.1-inch model, the front of the screen is flanked by two small speakers.

Volume controls are on the top of the unit, along with the microSD port for additional memory and the SIM slot for 3G connectivity.

As most of you know, both devices in the Galaxy Tab 2 range use a 1GHz dual-core  processor paired with 1GB of RAM. Both devices are identical performance-wise, the only obvious difference is the size and resolution of the screen: the 10.1-inch version has a 1280×800 resolution PLS TFT display, while the 7-inch version has a 1024×600 PLS TFT display.

Both devices run on Google’s latest Android OS, ICS. From what we could see, both tablets were responsive enough, and had enough juice to run the apps on hand. Nevertheless, it’s still unknown if the somewhat dated hardware on both tablets will be able to handle all the newer apps that are coming out of the Google Play store. Once we get the units, we’ll give you guys a more thorough review.