Say a prayer for MSN Messenger.

    TechnologyTechnology NewsSay a prayer for MSN Messenger.


    MSN Messenger, one of the most popular messaging clients by Microsoft is shutting down for good on 31 October. The application, known as “Windows Live Messenger” to its friends, will be phased out in order to better push Skype as the new means to reach your pals. To make the switch sting a little less, Microsoft is offering a USD 2 in credit for Skype for those who wish to want to change over.

    The application, launched in 1999, saw lots of popularity among users due to integration in the Windows ecosystem, emoticons, support for online games, and other useful chat features. Things for the messenger started to look grim, however, with Microsoft’s purchase of the all-around superior Skype in 2011. It still has a reasonably large user base today, but as with everything else, we have to learn to move on. Goodbye MSN Messenger. You will be missed.

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