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The July issue of Gadgets Magazine is here!

Hey everyone! We’re really excited to bring you another issue of Gadgets Magazine! This month, suit up as we take an adventure to the great indoors. Learn what you need to do to put together the perfect home entertainment room, whether it be for music, movies or games, with this month’s CoverStory. Take a look at iflix, and load up on videos to see you through the rainy months, and bring all the entertainment you need for the longest of long-haul flights in Travel Tech.

We’ve got all the usual things you’ve come to expect from Gadgets too. See what’s new in the market in the Parade section, and go deep into our gadget reviews, fresh from our labs.

If that’s not enough to make you grab a copy, we’re sure you’re going to want to stay home with our gorgeous cover girl, Willy Rodrigues.

It’s dangerous outside. Get yourself a copy of Gadgets Magazine, and stay indoors, where it’s warm and safe.