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TNS: Digital now has higher reach versus radio and print

It’s no secret that media is slowly moving to the online space – one just has to look at the digital publications all over the world to realize this. So it’s no surprise that the Philippines is also slowly moving towards that trend. TNS, a global research firm has just released their Digital Life 2012 study which covers 93 percent of the world’s online population through interviews with 72,000 consumers in 60 countries, including the Philippines.

The results of the study reflect the overall shift of usage when it comes to reach, and says that the digital medium has now overtaken radio and print. Of the respondents polled, 89% of them watch TV, 45% go online and 36% listen to the radio. Only 12% of the respondents say that they read newspapers, and only 4% say that they read magazines. The result of this year’s study sharply contrasts the results from last year’s study, wherein the same amount of respondents say that 77% of them watch TV, 36% go online and 40% listen to the radio. Print was doing better, with 22% saying they read newspapers and 11% saying they read magazines.

The report also says that while most online users are still accessing the internet via their personal computers at home (50%) and internet cafes (49%), there’s an increase of internet access via mobile devices, with 12% accessing the net via their smartphones and 1% via tablets. When asked which tablet OS was more prolific, Stanley Cabrera, Directer, Account Management Department for TNS said that it was iOS, though he was unwilling to give a more detailed answer than that.

TNS also had a couple of interesting facts regarding the current king of social networks in the Philippines, Facebook. The report said that male pinoys typically have more Facebook friends than women (465 – 423) and that young people aged from 16 – 20 years old typically have 613 friends of FB, which is an increase over last year’s number (266).