Twitter updates privacy policy, provides new data controls

    TechnologyTechnology NewsTwitter updates privacy policy, provides new data controls

    Twitter announced last May 18 that it updated its privacy policy, and launched new data controls to coincide with it.

    The company has expanded its usage and storage practices regarding websites integrated with Twitter-based content such as embedded tweets. This allows Twitter to improve personalized content, connecting users to stores, brands and organic content based on their interests.

    The policy on data sharing also updated how the company shares “non-personal, aggregated, and device-level data.” This includes partnership agreements that the user consents to, which allows certain information to be linked to one’s personal information.

    With this, Twitter has given users unprecedented access to their account information, including demographic and interest data, and which advertisers have included them into their list of audiences for tailored content.

    To let users manage the degree of personalization that their feeds possess across multiple devices, Twitter has included a Personalization and Data tab in its Privacy and Safety settings. Users can now choose whether or not to receive updates based on specific interests. This can be refined even more when users decide on which device or devices they receive interest-specific updates.

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