You wanna race like a pro? Maybe Gran Turismo is a good idea.

    TechnologyTechnology NewsYou wanna race like a pro? Maybe Gran Turismo is a good...

    Or maybe it was. Nissan’s GT Academy, a program that takes people who are extremely talented at playing Gran Turismo and teaches them how to drive actual racing vehicles, has been a gold mine of talent for the Nissan team. The thing is, some of their new talent has been kept from participating from certain race because they were just too good. The British GP has said that the raw talent that Nissan’s program has been able to find has so skewed the field that it would not be far to the other participants. These talents, who, by virtue of their being completely new, with no previous racing experience, are qualified to join in the lowest tier of competition, but given their racing background, their times are close to those of the pros who have been racing for years, as a career. While this is something that seems like it was pulled straight out of a nerd gamer’s fantasy, it is something that has totally happened. While Street Fighter or Tekken might not necessarily get you the UFC heavyweight belt, it’s nice to know that not all games are a complete waste of time.


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