Spend less on international roaming with Advanced eSIM

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    All-Filipino tech company Advanced Abilities recently launched Advanced eSIM, a digital version of the SIM card, to provide travelers with cost-effective, secure, hassle-free, and seamless connectivity while traveling out of the country. This digital SIM is an embedded chip built directly into smartphones with this feature that will allow travelers to avail of a data plan from anywhere in the world without requiring a physical SIM card or additional pocket-wifi devices at a fraction of the cost of traditional roaming.

    When traveling out of the country for business or leisure, data connectivity is one of the main necessities every traveler must have for many reasons. The first is to keep safe and secure, allowing one to stay in contact with traveling companions, business associates, or their loved ones back home. Second, seamless connectivity means having access to information on the internet, whether for navigation, language, or staying up to date with emails and social media. For many, though, the cost of international roaming might be limiting.

    “We at Advanced Abilities strive to bring more affordable seamless connectivity to each individual that uses our Advanced eSIM around the world. It is important to us that Filipinos — whether travelers or expatriates — have a way to connect to one another and access information that is affordable, navigable, and secure,” said Angelo Antonio “AA” Buendia, CEO and president of Advanced Abilities.

    With the Advanced eSIM, users can enjoy reliable connectivity in over 150 countries, including the United States, France, Japan, and many more. In just three easy steps, users can access available plans that range between 1GB to 20GB, starting at USD3 for seven days, depending on the selected plan. Some regions also have tailor-fit data bundles that are inclusive of coverage for multiple countries at once.

    For frequent travelers flying from one country to another, Advanced eSIM also allows users to utilize multiple eSIMs by purchasing additional bundles that remain in queue until arrival at the identified destination where it holds validity. This setup provides travelers with a seamless transition between regions by securely switching between eSIMs without any worries. eSIMs are compatible with most available smartphones in the market, provided that they are not network-locked.

    Established in 2018, Advanced Abilities aims to harness the potential of innovative technology to empower businesses and organizations with modern solutions to enhance the lives of Filipinos. The company provides products and services in the realms of healthcare, insurance, migrant welfare, and IT. 

    “We have the capability to be able to develop technology that can enhance the lives of Filipinos. With our expertise and passion, we commit to creating new solutions with pioneering technology that is accessible to almost everyone,” shared Buendia.

    To browse the Advanced eSIM data plans or purchase a bundle, visit For more information on Advanced Abilities and further updates, check out and follow their Facebook Page.

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