Transforming home entertainment with PLDT Home’s StreamTV

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    Taking the next level in smart home entertainment, PLDT Home introduces StreamTV — a groundbreaking device that streamlines the way Filipinos stream content, play music, and control their smart home devices.

    Think of StreamTV as a game-changing, all-in-one solution that seamlessly blends the capabilities of an Android TV device, an AI-powered smart speaker, and a virtual assistant.

    StreamTV lets you transform any TV into a smart TV. Unveil a smart viewing experience on your screen within seconds just by plugging the device into the HDMI port. Watch your favorite shows and series in ultra-high definition 4K resolution. Binge-watch from the world’s biggest streaming platforms such as YouTube, HBO GO, Lionsgate Play, Viu, and NBA League Pass all available on the device.

    Offering an enhanced audio experience through its Dolby-supported speakers, StreamTV allows you to listen to top-trending songs, podcasts, or any mood-setting background music in crisp quality. Play and control the audio from anywhere at home with your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth connection.

    Work and play with your newly upgraded “smart TV” as StreamTV also allows you to cast from your smaller devices through Chromecast and Screen Mirroring. The versatility of the device enables you to display your slides, play games, and more in full screen. Simply just plug in a camera, a joystick, or any other Bluetooth-enabled accessory for next-level entertainment. Additionally, you can join virtual meetings and video conferences from your StreamTV using the Google Meet app – allowing you to stay connected with colleagues, friends, and family without leaving your living room.

    Unlock the future of home living and expect a hassle-free life on the daily with StreamTV, designed to connect to AI features. The device is Google Assistant-compatible, allowing you to manage your smart home tech through voice commands. Easily control your devices and trigger your customized routines by simply saying, “Hey, Google!” With two far-field microphones, StreamTV can detect your voice from across the room, providing a hands-free experience. 

    Next-level entertainment for the whole family

    Behind StreamTV is the country’s leading digital services provider PLDT Home, always at the forefront of maximizing internet and technology to ultimately reward Filipino customers with utmost convenience, quality entertainment, and an upgraded lifestyle.

    Two and a half million families and over 98% of Filipino internet users aged between 16 and 64 had subscriptions to video streaming services in 2022, according to the Philippine Statistics Agency. In the same study, music streamers were projected to increase by 1.7 million between 2023 and 2028. Despite only 42.2% of internet users having a smart TV, these numbers suggest that these Filipinos are seeking to enhance their home entertainment experience amidst economic circumstances.

    “We’re thrilled to unveil StreamTV will truly revolutionize how Filipinos are entertained right from the comforts of their own homes,” says PLDT Home vice president for Digital Services Evert Chris Miranda. “This groundbreaking product from a telco will allow families watch in rich resolution, listen in beautiful surround sound, and control other smart home devices through voice commands.”

    “This product is just one of many more entertainment offerings that will benefit PLDT Home customers in a fun way this 2024. As our homes continue to advance each day, there will be even more opportunities to make the most of our fiber-fast internet for a more enjoyable and fulfilling life with our families.” 

    StreamTV is available for only PHP229 per month for 24 months to be charged to your monthly PLDT Home bill.

    Unbox FREE 12-month access to your favorite streaming apps when you purchase a PLDT Home StreamTV device from April 15 to June 30, 2024. Get to enjoy 4 months of Lionsgate Play, 3 months of HBO GO, 3 months of Viu, 1 month of CignalPlay, and 1 month of Pilipinas Live with your purchase.

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