ZTE, Converge introduce the first cutting-edge Wi-Fi 7 ONU in Southeast Asia at the ZTE Day PH 2024

    TechnologyTelcosZTE, Converge introduce the first cutting-edge Wi-Fi 7 ONU in Southeast Asia...

    ZTE Corporation, a global leading provider of integrated information and communication technology solutions, along with its fiber broadband provider Converge ICT Solutions Inc, officially unveiled the WiFi7 ONU, the first to be released in Southeast Asia.

    The unveiling was done during the successfully concluded ZTE Day exhibition, with the theme ‘Unfolding the Intelligent Future.’  The telco solutions provider also showcased during the exhibition a comprehensive portfolio of ICT products and solutions, featuring 5G wireless, transmission, fixed network, maintenance solutions, and terminals.

    Huang Lisheng, chief marketing officer of ZTE Southeast Asia MKT Department, delivers his opening speech at ZTE Day Philippines 2024, held at Shangri-La The Fort in Manila.

    Huang Lisheng, chief marketing officer of ZTE Southeast Asia MKT Department, emphasized in his opening speech the company’s continued collaboration with Philippine operators, focusing on ICT infrastructure construction and expanding digital intelligence application scenarios. He reiterated its commitment to bringing users a superior network experience.

    Huang also conveyed that it will continue to collaborate closely with Converge, focusing deeply on ICT infrastructure construction and expanding the application scenarios of digital intelligence to bring a superior network experience to Converge’s customers.

    With the unveiling of Wi-Fi 7 technology, in the coming years, the company will collaborate with Converge to expand the commercial presence of this new technology, significantly advancing the evolution of the local network infrastructure. ZTE maintains its crucial role as a key partner, providing Converge with CPE products.

    Mr. Benedicto Bulatao, president and COO of Converge’s parent company Comclark, expressed gratitude and recognized ZTE’s significant contributions

    Benedicto Bulatao, president & chief operations officer of Converge’s parent company Comclark expressed, “ZTE has always been there as a partner of change and innovation, so as we move forward into the future, let’s embrace change and progress, knowing that with every step we take, we are moving closer to our progressive future. May Converge and ZTE continue to be partners for transformation for the better.”

    Bulatao also emphasized that, given the fast-changing pace in the digital and ICT industry, the power of change must be harnessed to drive progress for all, especially Filipinos.

    The fiber broadband and ICT company also expressed its gratitude to ZTE as its longest partner in connectivity innovation and looks forward to embracing change and progress in providing seamless connectivity.

    ZTE Day featured sessions on global technology trends, including RAN superior efficiency, terabit-era transport networks, FTTx evolution, extensive computing infrastructure, green site, and green energy, intelligent modular data centers, and new smart home solutions. The company exhibited its latest technologies and solutions tailored to Converge’s needs and expressed increased support to boost the telcos’ brand value.

    With a steadfast focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, the company is committed to shaping the future of telecommunications through advanced technologies, strategic partnerships, and exceptional service. By strengthening its collaboration with Converge, ZTE is poised to explore new technologies and solutions, enhancing the digital life experience for the people of the Philippines.

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